Joint Review Board

The Village of Darien created Tax Incremental Financing District No. 3 (TID No. 3) pursuant to a law enacted to provide a process by which local units of government could finance public works or improvements in blighted areas from taxes levied by county, village, schools and other local jurisdictions based on the increase in property values within a designated geographic area. When a TID is established, the state determines the aggregate value of taxable property located within the district (base value). Taxes derived from levies by all local jurisdictions on property values exceeding the base value determined by the state are allocated to the Village for financing improvements within the district.

The Village's TID No. 3 was created as a mixed-use district on October 6, 2015. TID No. 3 replaced TID No. 2, which was terminated on September 21, 2015, after being partially developed over a 20-year period and recovering all of its costs. 

For more information, or to review the proposed Boundary Map and Project Plan, please contact Village Hall at (262) 882-5055. The Village of Darien Joint Review Board will meet on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. at Darien Village Hall and via Zoom teleconference platform. The Zoom meeting details are included on the agenda.