Frequently Asked Questions


 During what hours is the Village Hall open?

Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm & Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm, except for holidays and weather emergencies.

 How do I find my polling place?

The Village of Darien is made up of two wards.  Ward #1 is comprised of an area from the middle of E. Beloit Street north, and Ward #2 is comprised of an area from the middle of E. Beloit Street South.  All Village residents vote at the same polling place: Village Hall, 24 N. Wisconsin Street, Darien, WI 53114. 

 Where do I apply for a dog license?

Dog licenses are handled by the Village Clerk's office.  Forms are available at the Village Hall.

 At what point does the Village declare a snow emergency?

A snow emergency is declared after a snowfall of more than three inches.

 FAQ of Water & Sewer Utility










FAQ        You must have read the wrong meter!

There is not any human input as far as reading meters.  Each and every meter has a specific meter number and after the initial setup, the reader gun is either used on touch pads located at each location or radio reads transmitted to the handheld reader when passing by the location.


FAQ        There is a problem with the meter, there is no way I used that much water!

You can check your own meter by simply writing down the inside meter reading, filling something with one gallon marked on it, and then reread the inside meter once again.  Subtract the beginning reading from the ending reading and it should be one gallon, if not, you should then call us.  A toilet leaking or running even occasionally will increase water usage very quickly; it will run when you are at work and when you are asleep.  The general rule of water usage is 100 – 125 gallons per person per day.


FAQ        My water & sewer bill is too high!

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin oversees the Darien Water Utility as to all rate schedules and rules.  While the Darien Water Utility is not in the business to turn a profit, it must maintain rates sufficient enough to cover all expenses.  



 When is garbage and recycling picked up?

Garbage collection is provided every Friday except on Holidays.
New Rules from the State of Wisconsin go in effect September 1, 2010 for electronic devices.
The following will not be picked up:
Televisions - All
Computer Monitors - All
Desktops or Laptop Computers
Desktop Printers
Fax Machines
Computer Peripherals; keyboards, mice, speakers
DVD players, VCR's, and Digital Video recorders
Cell Phones.

Recycling collection is provided every other Friday, starting on January 13, 2017. Please see the calendar on the homepage for each date recyclable materials will be collected.